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Artisanal Aged Cheeses & Yogurts 100% Made in Puerto Rico

Vaca Negra, Inc. was founded by Wanda Otero, a Licensed Microbiologist. It began its production in 2008 in the Puerto Rican market, with our brand Cheeses Vaca Negra. Our Cheeses stand out and are very different from those that were made back then in the island, our Cheeses are made in the style of French cheeses such as Beaufort and Spanish as Manchego. Cheeses made in an artisanal way and with the best raw milk from the farms of the region, in the town of Hatillo, Puerto Rico.

According to Wanda herself, cheese making arises a little by chance, Wanda, as a Microbiologist, has a private laboratory, where she provides advice on quality control of milk to more than 200 dairies farms, the laboratory advises these dairy farms, so they can comply with the sanitary controls required by the regulatory agencies.

Many of these farmers are humble and could not afford the cost of paying for laboratory services, Wanda proposes to barter, their debt and their services in exchange for milk, they accepted, and a new dilemma arise. What to do with all this milk? The answer suddenly was obvious, Aged Cheeses. Wanda started making cheeses experimentally in her home. It wasn’t long before she learned the craft by attending seminars and traveling the world, to places like United States and Canada, working tirelessly to improve the quality of the processes every day. The result was a young company that is nourished by the vitality of its team work, using the new and modern equipment available but inspired by the old and traditional ways of making European cheeses.

In Puerto Rico they had never made aged cheeses (cured), so the success happened quickly. Since then, Vaca Negra cheeses are recognized locally and internationally, they have been exhibited at the “Summer Fancy Food Show” in Washington 2011 and were named by Huffington Post as the 9 richest product of the show (# 9 You must eat) competing against 180,000 products! Also, they represented Puerto Rico at the Alimentaria fair 2012, International Food and Beverage Show, in Barcelona, Spain.

Vaca Negra currently makes a range of five different cheeses. All of them are named after re-gions of Puerto Rico like the Cabachuelas in honor of a cave system in Morovis, the Ausubal and Capaez that are neighborhoods or sectors of Hatillo and Montebello and Monserrate, represented by an old power station in Manatí respectively. We also elaborate artisanal yogurts, Crafted in European style with flavors that appeal to the palate of all. They can be obtained in certain organ-ic markets and in the main supermarket chains of the country.

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Our Mission

Locally elaborate quality nutritional cheeses aged in Puerto Rico, based on milk in its natural and integrated form, to satisfy the needs of demanding consumers and conscious customers.

Why is it important

Our milk is selected by the Milk Quality Laboratory, where the cheese factory is located, the best milk quality is chosen. Free of hormones, antibiotics and cows graze all year round.


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About Us

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Vaca Negra, Inc. es fundada por Wanda Otero, Microbióloga Licenciada, comienza su producción en el año 2008 en el mercado puertorriqueño
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