What we do at Vaca Negra?

We made the first and only aged cheeses in Puerto Rico. We also have our new product; a drinkable yogurt available in flavors; guava helmets, sweet papaya, oats, coconut, vanilla among others.

Are your products lactose-free?

Our products are free of lactose, since they are added Probiotics, a lactic acid bacteria that helps to eliminate the lactose in cheese or yogurt.

Where can you get the cheeses?

If you’re from the states, buy them online! HereYou can buy our products in most supermarkets such as Supermax, Amigo, Pueblo, Econo, Walmart and Mr. Special. Also in Bodegas de Méndez and direct sales in our factory in Hatillo.

Where are we?

We are in Hatillo, behind “Plaza del Norte” Highway 493 km 0.7 Bo. Carrillo Hatillo, Puerto Rico.

When are we open?

Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM
Saturdays: 8 AM to 4 PM.

Do you receive visits during the week?

Estamos disponibles para venta de nuestros productos en el horario regular. No se permite la entrada al área de producción ni exhibición.

Do you have any email or contact information?

You can write to: lechedecalidad@gmail.com / info@vacanegra.com / wandaotero@me.com (private)

Do they participate in fairs or exhibitions?

You can write or send the proposal to lechedecalidad@gmail.com / info@vacanegra.com

About us

Vaca Negra, Inc. is founded by Wanda Otero, Licensed Microbiologist, begins production in 2008 in the Puerto Rican market
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