Make YOUR OWN cheese for Two


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Make YOUR OWN cheese, for you and your partner! (One spot is for TWO persons, if you wish to do it by yourself, please click here)

Live the experience of an innovative concept that has captivated Puerto Rican and visitors from around the world. Vaca Negra offers you an agrotourism and gastronomic experience in Hatillo, where you make your own cheese using raw, non-homogenized and grassfed milk. 

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    Live the experience of an innovative concept that has captivated Puerto Rican and visitors from around the world. Vaca Negra offers you an agrotourism and gastronomic experience in Hatillo, where you make your own cheese using raw, non-homogenized and grassfed milk.

    Come and enjoy the world of 100% aged cheeses in Puerto Rico. If you are a lover of cheese, surely every time you arrive at a party you will go directly to evaluate the table of the appetizers to make sure that they have what you like and then you go through the bar, to see that there is good wine. You, who have a special palate, should know that here in Puerto Rico you will find a delicacy prepared with the perfect ingredients to give you a pleasant taste and experience that will satisfy your uncontrollable desire.


    This cheese-making workshop is held weekly. If you have a group of more than 8 people, we can schedule it for any day you prefer. For groups of less than 10 people, each participant will make their own cheese, at a cost of $95 per person. This workshop involves careful logistics, from acquiring fresh milk from the dairy farm to the entire production process. For groups of more than 12 people, there is an option to work in pairs. When we talk about pairs, we mean two people. If they are two children, they should be at least 10 years old, and if it is an adult with a child, the minimum age is 5 years.

    Workshop Description:

    Part I: We begin with a detailed explanation of how mature cheeses are made, addressing the particular characteristics of dairy products. In addition, we cover all aspects of milk production on the island, from raising cows to final consumption. We explore relevant topics such as food sustainability, innovation, recycling, entrepreneurship, and marketing, all spiced up with the history of Quesos Vaca Negra Inc.’s creation.

    Part II: Next, you will enjoy a cheese tasting accompanied by select wines. One glass of wine per person is included.

    Part III: Now comes the practical part. You will make your own wheel of cheese. First, you’ll choose the spices you’ll add to your cheese (options include basil, parsley, cumin seeds, tomato basil, pepper, garlic, oregano, peppercorn, and more). The recommended amount is 1/3 of a 1-ounce shot glass. Then, you’ll select the letters or emojis that will identify your cheese. We will provide the necessary materials, which include a bowl of curd and whey, tray, mold with lid and net, gloves, and hairnet. Simply follow the instructions and create your cheese.

    Part IV: Finally, you will have the opportunity to taste our yogurts and visit our cheese cellar.

    Please note that the cheese you prepare will stay in our cellar, maturing for 2 months. We ask that you mark your calendar to pick it up from Wednesday to Sunday, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

    En español:

    Logistica: Este taller se lleva a cabo solo una vez en semana. Si usted tiene un grupo de mas de 8 personas lo podemos cotizar cualquier dia. Si es así en grupos menores de 10 deben hacer el queso individual es decir $95 por persona. Este taller conlleva una logística compleja de adquirir la leche desde la vaquería y todo el andamiaje. Si tiene un grupo mas de 12 personas si se puede hacer en parejas. Cuando mencionamos parejas nos referimos a dos personas, pueden ser de 10 anos en adelante si son dos niños y si es un adulto y un niño puede ser de 5 en adelante.


    Parte I En el taller se lleva a cabo una explicación de la elaboracion de los quesos maduros, tambien se tocan temas de las características de los productos lacteos. Ademas se cubren los aspectos de la produccion de leche en la isla que incluye desde las vacas hasta el consumo. Hablamos aspectos relacionados a la sustentabilidad alimentaria, Innovación, reciclaje, empresarismo y mercadeo junto a la historia de como se creo Quesos Vaca Negra Inc.

    Parte II Degustación de los quesos junto a acompañantes y una copa de vino por persona

    Parte III Elaboración de su rueda de quesos Al comienzo escoge las especias que va a poner a su queso (albahaca, perejil, semillas de comino, tomato basil, pimienta, ajo, oregano, peppercorn, entre otras) La cantidad es 1/3 de un vasito de shot de 1 onza. Luego selecciona la letras que identificaran su queso; iniciales o emoji. Le entregamos un conjunto de materiales: Bowl de cuajo y suero bandeja Molde con tapa y red guantes Redecillla Luego sigue las instrucciones y hace su queso

    Parte IV Degustar los yogures y ver la cava de quesos.

    Recuerde que el queso que va a confeccionar se queda en nuestra cava, madurando por 2 meses, favor de poner en calendario para que pase a recogerlo de miércoles a domingo de 9-3 pm.¨

    Tour Guidelines

      • Tours take place in Vaca Negra’s facilities at Hatillo, PR: Pin location on the dates available in our online booking system. You can see them here: Book online
      • We can do private tours from Wednesday to Friday with a minimum of 10 people, please fill this application if you’re interested: Groups application
      • Spaces are limited, reservations are required to attend. Please make your reservation by clicking here: Book online
    • Once your reservation is confirmed and payment is completed NO cancellations or date changes are accepted.
    • Your booking is non-refundable. No refund will be given.
    • Gift certificates are valid for 1 year.
    • One cheese will be made per couple.

    Tour Only, Tour with Brunch

    Event Details

    Venue: Vaca Negra's facilities

    Coordinates: 18.478479, -66.773896

    Directions: Carretera 493 km 0.2 Bo. Carrizales, Hatillo, PR 00659

    Phone: (787) 262-5656, (787) 458-6345