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Aged Cheeses & Yogurts made 100% in Puerto Rico

La Ubre is our Cheese and Coffee Shop located at Vaca Negra in Hatillo, PR.  The concept of the Ubre was born after Hurricane Maria when sales of our products were affected.

As a result, Wanda decided to create her own distribution channel where customers could buy all of  Vaca Negra products, our cheeses and yogurts, and at the same time enjoy a coffee or a good wine with a cheese board.

We have a beautiful space where we also offer our Tour “Create Your Own Cheese” with indoor and outdoor areas.

This space is also available for private and professional activities. 

For reservations

Call (787) 262-5656

For reservations

Call us(787) 262-5656

What we offer


La Ubre offers a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-2:30pm. Customers can select from a varied menu with fresh and seasonal products. Reservations are suggested

Cheese & CoffeeShop

Our Cheese and Coffee Shop is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9am-3pm. We have been adding local gastronomic products for sale in addition to our 6 varieties of cheeses, desserts, butter and our 6 types of probiotic yogurt.