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Made your own Cheese

The Tour

Make your own Cheese… The Tour

Dare to learn and create… A Unique Experience

Live the experience of an innovative concept that has captivated Puerto Rican and visitors from around the world. Vaca Negra offers you an agrotourism and gastronomic experience in Hatillo. Come and enjoy the world of 100% aged cheeses in Puerto Rico. If you are a lover of cheese, surely every time you arrive at a party you will go directly to evaluate the table of the appetiz-ers to make sure that they have what you like and then you go through the bar, to see that there is good wine. You, who have a special palate, should know that here in Puerto Rico you will find a delicacy prepared with the perfect ingredients to give you a pleasant taste and expe-rience that will satisfy your uncontrollable desire.

The Experience

The famous workshop "Make your own Cheese ... The Tour" is endorsed by the PR Tourism company. It is an innovative experience that has captivated Puerto Ricans and visitors from all over the world where they discover the world of aged cheeses made 100% in Puerto Rico.

Learn the process

Learn the process

Our Tour begins by discussing the magic of milk and cows.
Taste it!

Taste it!

Aged Cheeses Vaca Negra with Wine. While learning the steps to create Aged Cheese.
Make it!

Make it!

Create your cheese, add the spices you want and put the initials of your name.
Ready for you

Ready for you

In two months, come back and pick it up or we can send it to you by mail.
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Learn about our visitors' experience

  • Educational and fun experience!
  • ¡Fun!
  • ¡Proudness and Happiness!
  • ¡Different!
  • I left with a deep happiness
  • Educational and fun experience!

    Educational and fun experience!

    The best mother’s day could make. Tremendous experience, sharing in family and knowing a team of very kind work, attentive and committed to the service and its products. Today, a cheerful “mama mama” came out of Vaca Negra. 🙂 100% recommended.

    Mamá Quesera

  • ¡Fun!


    An educational and different experience. It was fun to see how a cheese is made and, above all, important, to support Puerto Rico.

    Karla Sosa

  • ¡Proudness and Happiness!

    ¡Proudness and Happiness!

    Experience that brings pride and happiness of being Puerto Rican. Excellent cheese , service, atmosphere, purpose! Bring hope to our island, excellent work!


  • ¡Different!


    Very educational and fun experience. Not every day we see how cheeses are made. Very rich cheeses and above all, 100% of Puerto Rico.

    Karla Sosa

  • I left with a deep happiness

    I left with a deep happiness

    Excellent experience, very complete demonstration. The tasting was delicious and the coconut yogurt, THE BEST. May God continue to lead the way to success. THANK YOU for putting Puerto Rico on HIGH. I’m going back to Miami, very happy.

    Thank you
    Liza M. Toro

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Vaca Negra, Inc. is founded by Wanda Otero, Licensed Microbiologist, begins production in 2008 in the Puerto Rican market
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