How to cut a cheese

In order to better appreciate the texture, aroma and flavor of each cheese, it is important to cut it in a

certain way. Each type of cheese requires a different cut.


How is each type of cheese cut?

A triangular or cradle cut is made to cured cheeses.

Semi-hard and mature cheeses with strong flavors, such as Manchego, should be cut into wedges or

bars ¼-1/2 inches thick. Try our Manchego Style Cheese, Montebello (click here).

Soft or cream cheeses are cut into small slices (wide and slightly thick portion) always with a minimum

thickness of ¼ inch. As they are difficult to cut, it is recommended to put the knife in hot water so that it

detaches from the cheese easily. Try our Le Petite, an in-between, fresh mature cheese. 

Cheeses that are brittle are cut into small blocks and left on the wheel for diners to cut with a knife.

Those cheeses that have a moldy or aged rind are sliced ​​like soft cheeses.

And the spreadable cheeses or cheese creams are served in a complete piece.

If we cut the cheese correctly according to its type, we highlight its shape, flavor and presence.

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