Woman takes the piece of cheese from the open refrigerator

How is cheese stored?

Keep your cheese fresh and tasting amazing with these tips!

If the cheese is already open, it can be wrapped in plastic or aluminum foil, although the ideal is to store
it in an airtight container.

It is recommended to store them in the least cold part of the fridge, except for the creamy ones, which
are best kept in the drawer where we put the fruit.

Never put cheese in the freezer because cheese is one of the foods that should not be frozen.

Pro tip: To appreciate all the qualities of the cheese, it is important to take it out of the refrigerator an hour or
an hour and a half before consuming it, trying to only cut the amount that we are going to consume.
It is important not to leave the cheese uncovered or out of the fridge for a long time. 

Enjoy your cheese! 



How to cut a cheese

In order to better appreciate the texture, aroma and flavor of each cheese, it is important to cut it in a

certain way. Each type of cheese requires a different cut.


How is each type of cheese cut?

A triangular or cradle cut is made to cured cheeses.

Semi-hard and mature cheeses with strong flavors, such as Manchego, should be cut into wedges or

bars ¼-1/2 inches thick. Try our Manchego Style Cheese, Montebello (click here).

Soft or cream cheeses are cut into small slices (wide and slightly thick portion) always with a minimum

thickness of ¼ inch. As they are difficult to cut, it is recommended to put the knife in hot water so that it

detaches from the cheese easily. Try our Le Petite, an in-between, fresh mature cheese. 

Cheeses that are brittle are cut into small blocks and left on the wheel for diners to cut with a knife.

Those cheeses that have a moldy or aged rind are sliced ​​like soft cheeses.

And the spreadable cheeses or cheese creams are served in a complete piece.

If we cut the cheese correctly according to its type, we highlight its shape, flavor and presence.

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